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Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1-16
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1-16
1-16 8.5
Complete Series all 16 issues!
Cool Team-up book!
Great way to read whole series!
Ultimate Spider-Man #3
Ultimate Spider-Man   #3
3 9.6
Beautiful high grade copy from classic 2000 series.
White pages.
Razor sharp edges and corners.
Stress line and indentation free spine.
Ever slightest indentation to FC.
Possibly a 9.8?
New Ultimates #1-5
New Ultimates #1-5
1-5 9.2
All 5 issues!
All issues in good shape with few minor defects.
Affordable way to read the story!
Umbrella Academy #nn
Umbrella Academy  #nn
nn CGC 9.8
1st appearance of the Umbrella Academy.
Free Comic Book Day edition.
White pages.
Gerard Way and Ron Marz stories.
Gabriel Ba Clement Sauve and Matt Camp art.
James Jean cover.
Hot book!
Uncanny Tales #1
Uncanny Tales   #1
1 8.0
Reprints 1950's Uncanny Tales 9.
Glossy with White Pages.
Sharp edges.
Few stress lines at staples.
Uncle Scrooge #495
Uncle Scrooge #495
495 3.5
Tough to find 3rd issue of Uncle Scrooge.
Four Color #495
Nice cover colors with OW pages.
Slight lifting of spine.
Good amount of spine creasing and stress lines.
Several large creases to cover.
1/4 inch spine split.
Couple small pieces out at corners.
Affordable lower grade copy.
Uncle Scrooge #5
Uncle Scrooge   #5
5 5.0
Tough to find 5 issue from 1955.
OW to White pages.
Light spine stress lines and cover flaking.
Couple small corner creases.
Hairline color break top FC.
Solid copy.
Uncle Scrooge #8
Uncle Scrooge   #8
8 4.0
Classic Uncle Scrooge from 1958!
Small corner tear bottom Front Cover.
1/4 tear back cover that goes through half of the book.
Tear along top front cover.
Minor Stress along spine.
Off-White pages.
Few small perferations BC into last few pages.
Awesome eye appeal on this classic Scrooge Skating Cover!
Uncle Scrooge #10
Uncle Scrooge  #10
10 4.0
Nice early issue from 1955.
OW pages.
Light spine stress lines.
Few chips out to cover.
Several small tears 3/8 inch or less in size.
Large corner crease FC.
2 large corners creases BC with a little tearing.
Uncle Scrooge #12
Uncle Scrooge  #12
12 4.5
Nice early issue from 1956.
Cream to OW pages.
Small chip out bottom corner FC.
3/8 inch tear into chip out bottom corner spine FC.
Decent amount of spine wear.
Covers attached quite well at both staples.
Unexpected #203
Unexpected #203
203 9.2
Glossy with White pages.
Sharp edges and corners.
1/8 inch ink scuff mark top spine (not a crease).
Couple tiny spine stress lines.
Nice high grade copy.
Unexpected #1-6
Unexpected #1-6
1-6 9.2
Complete Series all 6 issues!
All books in nice shape.
Affordable way to read the story!
USA Agent #1-4
USA Agent #1-4
1-4 8.5
All 4 issues!
The entire run!
All issues in good shape with few minor defects.
Affordable way to read the entire story!
USA Comics #12
USA Comics  #12
USA Comics #12 CGC 4.0
12 CGC 4.0
Rare WWII Captain America & Bucky Cover!
OW to White Pages.
Hitler appearance.
What a killer Alex Schomburg cover!
Cover re-attached with 1 piece of tape at center staple.
CGC Census: Only 24 Graded. 1 in 9.4 highest.