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ODY-C #1-10
ODY-C #1-10
1-10 8.0
The first 10 issues!
Matt Fraction's sci-fi epic!
All issues in good shape with few minor defects.
Affordable way to read the beginning of this avant garde series!
Old Man Logan #1-24
Old Man Logan #1-24
1-24 9.2
Complete Run 24 issues.
All issues in nice shape with minor defects.
Nice afforadable way to get the run.
Awesome Stories!
OMAC   #1
1 8.5
Origin issue.
Glossy with Off White to White Pages.
No writing or stamps.
Sharp edges with tiny amount of corner wear.
Light amount of spine bends and indentations.
Nice eye appeal!
OMAC   #2
2 9.2
Kirby cvr/art.
Very light corner wear.
Great colors and gloss.
Sharp copy.
OMAC   #6
6 9.2
Jack Kirby story and artwork.
Glossy with White Pages.
No writing or stamps.
Sharp corners and edges.
Light amount of spine indentations.
Slightest lifting of spine.
Nice high grade copy!
Optic Nerve #1
Optic Nerve   #1
1 8.0
Rare indie from Adrian Tomine.
Glossy with White Pages.
Sharp edges and little corner wear bottom spine.
Spine stress lines and indentations.
Cool book.
Our Army At War #1
Our Army At War   #1
1 2.0
Rare 1st issue from 1952!
Nice cover colors with Cream to Off White Pages.
Someones name in pen through logo FC.
Several spine splits.
Cover and centerfold is attached at both staples.
Coupon cut out bottom corner BC (does not affect story).
Few small tears and chips out at edges.
Nice affordable copy of this tough war key issue.
Our Army at War #151
Our Army at War #151
151 3.5
Intro to Enemy Ace.
Cream to OW pages.
1 inch stain top FC.
Couple large creases and many smaller ones.
Light foxing BC.
1/4 inch tear top BC.
Solid lower grade copy of this key issue.
Our Army At War #152
Our Army At War #152
152 7.0
4TH all Sgt.
Rock issue.
Off White to White pages.
High cover gloss with great eye appeal.
Few minor spine creases.
A little bit of top edge wear.
Some light folding at top right corner.
Nice higher grade copy!
Our Army At War #153
Our Army At War #153
153 6.5
2nd app.
Enemy Ace.
Sweet copy with Cream pages.
Sharp edges with minmal spine wear.
Fold marks down center of book.
Our Fighting Forces #23
Our Fighting Forces  #23
23 4.0
Nice early issue from 1957.
Cream pages.
1/16 inch chip out top FC.
Small pieces out corner FC.
Light edge wear.
3 inch crease BC.
Shadow line bottom BC.
Nice lower grade copy.
Our Fighting Forces #42
Our Fighting Forces  #42
42 3.5
OW to White pages.
Signifigant amount of staining along spine.
4 staple holes through entire book due to extra staples added.
Extra staples have since been removed.
1/4 inch tear FC and BC.
Nice lower grade copy.
Our Fighting Forces #47
Our Fighting Forces  #47
47 4.0
Early war issue from 1959.
OW to White pages.
Fair bit of spine stress lines and creasing.
Few 1/16 inch tears at spine.
Corner creasing and edge wear.
Nice entry level copy with good eye appeal.
Outcast #1
Outcast   #1
1 9.2
2014 Image series by Kirkman.
Couple light spine indentations and stress lines.
Slightest blunting at corners.
Sharp edges.
White pages.
Nice copy.