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Kamandi #1
Kamandi   #1
1 9.2
Origin & 1st app.
Kirby artwork/story.
Off White Pages & glossy.
2 minor stress indentations by top staple.
Slight blunt at bottom left corner.
Sharp edges with no rips/tears.
Nice copy!
Kamandi #1
Kamandi   #1
1 4.0
Origin and 1st appearance of Kamandi.
Jack Kirby story and artwork.
OW to White pages.
Corner blunting and wear.
2 inch crease BC.
Cover barely attached at bottom staple.
Few small tears BC.
Good bit of surface dirt BC.
Kamandi #9
Kamandi   #9
9 9.4
Kirby cvr/art.
Minor spine color and non color break creases.
OW pages.
"Great centering, colors and gloss."
Kamandi #11
Kamandi  #11
11 9.6
Kirby cvr/art.
Bottom left corner teart.
Light none color breaks along spine.
White pages.
Great colors and gloss.
Kamandi #28
Kamandi  #28
28 9.0
Kirby cvr/art. BC date stamp.
Kamandi #30
Kamandi  #30
30 9.2
Glossy with OW to White pages.
Date stamp top BC.
Sharp edges with ever slightest corner wear.
Tiny bit of top edge wear BC.
Few spine indentations
Nice high grade copy!
Solid mid-grade copy.
Kamandi #33
Kamandi  #33
33 9.4
Katy Keene #52
Katy Keene  #52
52 4.5
Rare issue towards end of run from 1960.
Cream to OW pages.
Very cool cover.
Some light stains to cover.
Slight lifting of spine.
1/16 inch chip out bottom corner FC.
1/16 inch tear bottom BC.
Nice copy.
The Katzenjammer Kids #12
The Katzenjammer Kids  #12
12 7.0
Rare early issue from 1950.
Glossy with OW pages.
1/4 inch piece out top corner FC.
Small pen doodle top corner.
Light spine bending.
1/4 inch tear bottom edge BC.
Nice copy.
Ken Shannon #1
Ken Shannon   #1
1 3.5
Rare first issue from 1951.
Glossy with Cream pages.
Few chips out bottom edge and corner FC.
1/16 and 1/4 inch chips out BC.
3/8 inch tear bottom edge FC.
3 1/2 inch crease top corner FC.
Undervalued book?
Kick Ass #1-8
Kick Ass #1-8
1-8 9.2
Complete Series all 6 issues!
Millar's hyper-violence masterpiece!
1-3 is 3rd printing. Issue 4 is 4th print.
Great way to read whole series!
Kid Cowboy #1
Kid Cowboy   #1
1 4.0
Rare 1st issue from 1950 on Ziff Davis.
OW to White pages.
Some fraying right edge FC.
1/4 inch and 1/4 x 5/8 inch piece out FC.
3/4 inch spine split.
5 inch crease BC
Faint arrivel date written FC in pencil.
Nice affordable copy.
Kiku San #1-6
Kiku San #1-6
1-6 8.5
Complete series all 6 issues.
All books in nice shape.
Great For reading entire series!
Kill Or Be Killed #1
Kill Or Be Killed   #1
1 9.2
1st print.
Great Brubaker and Phillips series!
Glossy with White pages.
Virtually stress line and indentation free spine.
Sharp edges.
Bend indentation bottom corner spine FC.
Nice copy.
King Tiger #1-4
King Tiger #1-4
1-4 8.5
Complete Series all 4 issues.
All issues in nice shape with minor defects.
Nice afforadable way to get the entire series.
Kingdom Come #1-4
Kingdom Come #1-4
1-4 9.2
All four issues in the series!
Kingpin #1-5
Kingpin #1-5
1-5 9.0
Complete series all 5 issues.
All books in nice shape.
Great for reading entire series!
Kitty Pride and Wolverine #1-6
Kitty Pride and Wolverine #1-6
1-6 8.5
All 6 issues of Kitty's tranformation into Shadowcat!
All issues in good shape with few minor defects.
Affordable way to read the entire story!
Kobra #1-7
Kobra #1-7
1-7 8.0
All 7 issues in the series!
All issues in good shape with few minor defects.
Affordable way to read the entire story!
Krazy Komics #25
Krazy Komics  #25
25 5.0
Wacky Duck cover story.
OW to White pages.
Cool Timely funny animal book from 1946.
Cover and centerfold firm at lone center staple.
Light staining to BC and couple interior pages.
Solid copy.