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Eerie #2
Eerie   #2
2 7.0
1st App. Of Cousin Eerie.
Glossy with OW pages.
1/2 inch tears bottom FC.
Slight Corner Wear
Mix of color and non color breaking spine stress lines.
Eerie #11
Eerie  #11
11 5.5
Karlof Mummy Adaptation.
Glossy with White pages.
Spine Roll.
Multiple spine ticks BC.
2 Inch long color breaking crease Bottom Left BC.
Multiple small tears around spine and corners BC.
Eerie #18
Eerie  #18
18 7.5
Sutton Cover Art.
Glossy with OW pages.
Minor Spine Stress Lines FC.
Blunted Corners FC.
1/8 Inch tear along BC.
Eerie #62
Eerie  #62
62 8.0
Corben Artwork.
Glossy with White pages.
1/16 inch bindry tears top and bottom spine.
Small 1/16 inch spine stress line FC.
Small 1/16 inch tear bottom FC.
Beautiful copy.
Eerie #68
Eerie  #68
68 8.5
Kelley Cover Artwork.
Glossy with OW pages.
Minor Blunting Corners FC.
Small 1/16 inch spine stress line FC.
Small 1/16 inch tear bottom FC Spine.
Great Eye Appeal!
80 Page Giant #10
80 Page Giant  #10
10 4.5
Superboy stories.
OW pages.
No spine splits with cover firmly attached.
3/8 inch tear right side FC.
6 inch crease FC with some other small creases.
1/8 inch tear and some surface dirt BC.
Solid lower grade copy.
El Perfecto #nn
El Perfecto #nn
nn 9.2
2nd print on Print Mint.
Glossy with White pages.
Sharp edges and corners.
Few light spine indentations.
Nice high grade copy.
Elric #1-6
Elric #1-6
1-6 9.0
All 6 issues of action!
Awesome Books!
All issues in good shape with few minor defects.
Affordable way to read the entire story!
Elsie The Cow #1
Elsie The Cow   #1
1 4.0
Very rare 1st issue from 1949.
Off White Pages with some foxing.
Cover and centerfold attached at both staples.
Light amount of rust and staining at bottom staple.
Few small edge tears.
Little spine and edge wear.
Nice lower grade copy!
End Times #1-4
End Times #1-4
1-4 9.0
Complete Series all 4 issues.
All issues in nice shape with minor defects.
Nice afforadable way to get the entire series.
Enormous #1-6
Enormous #1-6
1-6 9.2
Complete Series all 6 issues!
All of Season 2!
Great way to read whole series!
Epic Illustrated #3
Epic Illustrated   #3
3 9.4
1st appearance of Dreadstar.
Glossy with White pages.
Tiny spine stress line center FC.
Very little wear corners spine BC.
Slightest cover flaking FC near top staple.
Beautiful high grade copy!
Espers #1-4
Espers #1-4
1-4 8.5
All 4 Issues of Series.
Great Way to read series!
Affordable way to read the entire story!
Issues in 8.5 VF+ Range.
Eternal Warrior #1
Eternal Warrior   #1
1 CGC 9.8
Origin of the Eternal Warrior.
Origin of Aram (Armstrong).
Epilogue by Barry Windsor-Smith.
White pages.
Jim Shooter story.
John Dixon artwork.
Frank Miller cover.
The Eternals #1
The Eternals   #1
1 9.4
White pages.
Super glossy with great edges.
Tiny top left corner blunt.
2 hairline spine breaks.
Back cover has a paper pull but its my understanding this is a printing defect and would not be held against the book if CGC'd.