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Cloud 9 Comics is a comic book store based in Portland, OR, owned and run by its founder Ken Dyber. The company can be found exhibiting at comic book shows around the country, such as: San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Baltimore, NY, Chicago & LA to name some.


Ken Dyber was born in West Hartford, CT in 1974 and began collecting comics in the early 1980's. His childhood comic book store was the The Eye Opener in Newington, CT (as West Hardford didn't have one). This was a 30 minute bike ride each way, so, needless to say he was motivated. The following is a brief timeline of Dyber's comic book history.

1985: Dyber begins shopping at The Eye Opener and opens his 1st and only comic pull box.

1987: Dyber, and friend Larry Chaves set up as exhibitor's at a comic show at the ripe age of 14!

1992: Graduates Conard high school.

1996: Graduates Plymouth State College.

1997: Moves to Chicago starting his band called L'altra (Dyber played bass) and launching his record label Aesthetics, which released over 46 releases, from artists in England, Germany, Brazil, and the U.S. While in Chicago, Dyber returned to comics a little going to such stores as Quinby's, Chicago Comics & Graham Cracker, and learning about such creators as Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, and R. Crumb.

1998: Meets eventual wife Sarah Schellhorn.

2002: Quits L'altra and moves to Portland, OR.

2003: Slowly returns to comics, as for the last decade, the record label has taken up all free time.

2005: Exhibits at the Portland Comic Book Show, Richard Finn's celebrated one day comic show. This was Dyber's first comic book show as an exhibitor since high school.

2006: Discovers GPAnalysis (which had launched in 2003). This Australian based website reports the sales of CGC comic books sold on most major comic book dealer and auction websites.

2008: Cloud 9 Comics is founded. 2009: Dyber was accepted as an Advisor to the Overstreet Price Guide, the industries leading annual price guide. This was a prestigious honor, something Dyber never dreamed would occur growing up. Also this year, Cloud 9 became a CGC Authorized Dealer.

2010: Cloud 9 Comicvs begins reporting sales to GPAnalysis.

2011: Owner Ken Dyber begins selling comics full time (before this buying and selling was a fun, growing hobby).

2012: Marked Cloud 9's jump into traveling to larger shows around the country, setting up at 3 of the U.S.'s largest comic book shows: San Diego Comicon, NY Comicon & Wizard World Chicago.

2015: Ken Dyber takes on Seattle based Jeff Itkin as a partner and together they open the 1st Cloud 9 Comics brick and mortar comic book store. The store opened only selling back issue comic books, with no Diamond account, and no toys, cards, or games being sold out of it. In September, after much consideration, they open a Diamond account, and begin selling new comics and trade paperbacks.

2016: Cloud 9 Comics begins selling Funko Pop's.

2017: Dyber and Itkin separate as business partners. Dyber becomes sole owner of Cloud 9 Comics again, keeping the retail store open in Portland. Later in the year Cloud 9 Comics begins selling Pokeman and Magic The Gathering cards.