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Ten-Story Love   #3
Ten-Story Love #3
Amazing Spider-Man #101
Amazing Spider-Man #101
Junior Comics  #13
Junior Comics #13
CGC 3.0 
We Can Never Go Home   #1
We Can Never Go Home #1
Whiz Comics  #89
Whiz Comics #89
Cowgirl Romances  #12
Cowgirl Romances #12
CGC 7.5 
God Country   #1
God Country #1
Tessie The Typist  #12
Tessie The Typist #12
Amazing Adventures   #1
Amazing Adventures #1
Showcase   #4
Showcase #4
CGC 5.0 
Dark Mysteries   #3
Dark Mysteries #3
Mister Mystery  #14
Mister Mystery #14
Marvel Mystery  #10
Marvel Mystery #10
Mystery In Space   #1
Mystery In Space #1
CGC 7.5 
X-Men  #12
X-Men #12
CGC 5.0 
All Star Comics   #8
All Star Comics #8
CGC 5.0 

03.14 Emerald City Comic Con - Seattle, WA.
07.21 San Diego Comic Con - San Diego, CA. - Booth 1105.
09.13 Rose City - Portland, OR.
10.18 Baltimore - Baltimore, MD.

11.08 Over 60 new books posted for sale. We'll be having a big Black Friday Weekend sale on our website & in our store!
10.28 New books posted for sale on the site.
10.07 Baltimore Comic Con was great! Nice meeting some new customers and seeing regular ones. New posted posted today to the website for sale including a gorgeous Showcase 4 CGC 5.0!
09.16 Dozens of new CGC, Golden Age & key issues posted for sale on the site including an All Star Comics #8 in CGC 5.0 (1st Wonder Woman!!)!
08.19 Over 3 dozen new books added for sale. Also, we're now selling TPB's on our website. You can type in 'TPB' in our search to see all of them or search by title. More will be added weekly.
08.11 We are now selling Rose City badges! Prices are: $60 - Weekend, $25 - Friday, $35 - Saturday, $30 - Sunday & $10 for kids (good for all 3 days!). And yes... We can mail them to you if you live out of the area for a modest $5 fee which includes a tracking #. Call our store to purchase.
07.28 San Diego Comic Con was great! New books bought at the con that will be on our site tomorrow.
07.14 Another 50 great books available for sale. Some awesome Golden Age Classic cover and Silver Age key issues such as: Fantastic Four 1, Daredevil 1, Horrific 3, Brenda Starr 14, Daredevil Comics 11 and more! These books will all be at San Diego Comicon if you want to see them in person.
07.08 Over 100 great new Golden Age books posted! Some pretty cool rare books.
07.04 Cloud 9 Comics will begin selling Rose City Comicon badges this month (we don't know the exact date yet). We will also be part of their annual scavenger hunt (we're the 2nd to last stop) which ends across the street at the Clinton St. Theater.
06.17 New books for sale on the website. Just bought a cool oddball Golden Age collection of war, westerns, funny animals, crime and superhero books from mid 1950's.
06.17 Several dozen new books posted for sale to website including some killer Golden Age books.
06.14 New Magic The Gathering and Pokeman packs and decks now in stock at our store.
06.08 Cloud 9 gears up for the Frankenstein Comic Book Swap tomorrow. We'll be blowing out tons of comics. Also new books posted to the website today.
05.31 Great new Golden Age books posted for sale! Lots more on the way.
05.10 Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland today agree to 70 (that's right 70) more episodes! No word on when season 4 will actually begin, but most feel it will be sometime midway to late 2019.